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Electives » Mandarin 1 Course

Mandarin 1 Course

Welcome to Mandarin 1! This course is an introduction of Mandarin Chinese for students who have none or little prior experience in the target language. It is to develop students’ four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin as well as gaining an understanding of Chinese culture. You and I will look forward to a fun and meaningful school year!

Computer-assisted technology and online course materials are an integral part of the instruction in this class. Students will acquire basic Chinese computing skills and be proficient with the use of Microsoft Chinese IME or other equivalent programs in order to produce typed characters in simplified or traditional form. 


  • This course will follow National Standards for Foreign Language Education.
  • Pinyin (phonetic symbols) will be used as a supplementary tool to learn the spoken language. Students will be asked to recognize either simplified or traditional form characters from memory.


Course Objectives:

  • Upon completion of the course, students should be able to develop basic conversational abilities(pronunciation, fundamental grammatical patterns, common vocabulary, and standard usage)
  • Build basic reading and writing skills
  • Get an understanding of Chinese culture

Texts & Supplemental Materials:

  • Integrated Chinese Level 1(4e) Textbook & Workbook (Cheng& Tsui Company, 2016)
  • Chinese videos to familiarize students with language and culture to improve listening and comprehension.
  • Suitable extra materials will be provided by the instructor-Mr. Liu

Suggested Class Material:

  • Notebook
  • Equipment which can record oral assignments
  • One set of dry-erased markers and Binder paper and 3 ring binders
  • Students will be provided with a set of textbook and workbook in class.